DevOps Engineer Is A Unicorn

photo by SNappa2006

There can’t possibly exist a DevOps Engineer. Simply because DevOps is an idea of combining efforts of Operations and Development teams. You need at least two people to call it DevOps.

The simplified description of DevOps is development of software with constant feedback from different specialists. You develop a feature with feedback of all the parts of your organization. You get sysadmin’s opinion, designer’s opinion, developer’s opinion and sprinkle it with product manager’s opinion. Then stir. The result is the feature that you don’t have to hit with a hummer to get into production. You are not even done until it is in production.

I see more and more of the DevOps Engineer searches. I get a lot of queries from recruiters about DevOps Engineers position they have. More and more companies look for DevOps. But that is ridiculous. You don’t hire devops — you do devops. It is a mind set not a position.

I think what is happening is that DevOps idea got misunderstood. It became a buzz word instead of mind set. The company that is looking for a DevOps Engineer is actually looking for a sysadmin who can code or a developer who doesn’t mind writing tools that automate deployment. In either case that company would be better off actually defining the problems they want solved and posting those instead of writing — Looking For Unicorn.

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