Punk Rock, DIY and Product Development

photo by Steve Jurvetson

I believe that Punk Rock band is the ideal model for startup. Both have a small number of people that is set on changing the world. Both are chaotic and disorganized. Either doesn’t last too long. And at the end — if either succeeds — everybody says they knew it all along.

Most big companies are ran as a military structure. That is where the hierarchical structure comes from. That structure is what you need to make huge number of people to act quickly. It doesn’t work well for start up because by speeding up reaction time you kill variation. You kill what makes start up unique.

I will go even further and say that the problem of a company is not even the kind of management style it is using. It is the management that is the problem.

There is no recipe to create a great company. Just like there is no recipe to create a great band. You need enough interesting people that are willing to run in the same direction long enough to produce something of value.

I keep seeing these companies that a looking for a new “paradigm” or the “devops” to fix their problems. A new way to manage work. A better way to achieve innovation. To become disruptive. But you can’t create anything new by reusing old. Something has to die in the world for new way to come through.

It is understandable that people who pay money for creativity want to see results. Creativity by a pound thinking. But it is impossible. Creative work gives horrible results most of the time. You try and fail. You try again. Over and over. Until you get that one thing that is amazing.

There is no known way to assemble creative culture. It grows organically. It takes time. There is always a spark of randomness in a good startup. There is hard work mixed with chaos. The great things come from chaos. The creative destruction.

What I hope is going to happen is that DIY movement is going to become this force for creativity to become very common. Individuals that create ideas, build prototypes and start selling the products they created. There is everything we need for this to happen.

And that will be the end of hierarchical structure. Funny enough Punk Rock is based on DIY culture.

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  1. Дмитрий Нарочный July 22, 2016 at 10:52 am

    Замечательная статья! Хорошие мысли, выраженные ясно и доступно.


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