Start Making Extra Thousand Dollars a Month

Is it possible to start making extra thousand dollars a month?

Is it actually possible to start making extra thousand dollars a month one can ask. I am very sure of that. You see for the past 10 year I have been doing web development professionally and there seems to be no shortage of demand for that skill. Yes, you do need to learn a lot of stuff in order to be able to do that work.

My friend who lives in Russia came to me and complained that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find work there. Surprise, surprise — who could have thought?

So the solution is to start making more money. How? Well lets try to think how.

What is overall strategy?

How about freelancing? All you would have to do is pick up extra 50 hours a month (paying about $20 an hour — which is reasonable for coding job).

Let’s try to figure out what skills are in demand.

After looking a little bit I found this list of Upwork skills in demand. I was happy to discover that Natural Language Processing is one of the top skills in demand. Out of 20 top skills  for year 2017, I picked those to concentrate on:

  1. Natural language processing (1)
  2. Swift (2)
  3. Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) (4)
  4. Stripe (5)
  5. MySQL programming (7)
  6. AngularJS (10)
  7. Machine learning (12)
  8. Information Security (15)
  9. User experience design (18)

This is a bit different from 2016:

  1. Machine learning (1)
  2. User experience design (3)
  3. MySQL programming (5)
  4. Swift development (9)
  5. Android development (11)
  6. API development (17)

Since the idea is to make a living doing freelance that mean that one will need to minimize maintains.

The stuff that is worth learning.

Looking through the list of popular skills I see that Machine Learning (in different forms e.g. Natural Language Processing) is in high demand both years, as well as MySQL programming and different forms of Web (Angular and API development) and Mobile (Android, iPhone (swift)) and integration of sales solutions (Stripe and Information Security) and User experience design is applicable to any software development discipline.

The rest of those articles pretty much say the same thing: Machine Learning is hot, Web Development is still going strong as well as Mobile development.

The strategy for our learning will be as follows: Learn how to develop web applications, then learn how to make money developing web applications and the last stage would be to learn Machine Learning on top of Web Development. Eventually we might look at developing Android applications. All in all, I think we have the general strategy of what my friend needs to start making extra thousand dollars doing freelance web development.

What is next?

I am going to build a study plan together and we are going to work through it. I will keep reporting the progress and information that we will discover. Meantime you can read the introduction to Ansible — a very handy tool we are going to use to automate deployment and maintains.

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