Why am I writing here?

Ever since I was a child I loved to take things apart. At first, I would take things apart just for the hell of it. I wanted to know what is inside. After some time, I became curious about putting things back together.

These can be called a diary of obsessive-compulsive problem hater. I walk around, pick up things I bump into, take them apart and see why they have all this stuff inside.

In my Linkedin profile, I say that I love to build things. I would say it is more than love to build. It is a culmination of obsessive-compulsive disorder wrapped into addictive personality. That is how I make sense of the world — by building things and thus understanding what reality is. You run into a problem and then you get obsessed with it. Until you solve it or go crazy.

Luck has it that I had access to computers early on, even growing up in the Soviet Union. The ‘Evil Empire’ use to be my home.

Both my parents are applied mathematicians. That pretty much shaped my destiny — even though I didn’t initially get the beauty of math and computing — I absolutely hated my major in school — it grew on me and turned out to be pretty much the only thing that made sense in life. 

I write about using computers to do useful stuff. Most of what I write are problems that I ran into and ways I managed to solve those problems. I write about stuff that worked for me and hopefully will help you.

What I write about in Muscle Computing Blog?

I write about things that interest me: Web Development, Product Development, Electronics, Design and Machine Learning, and Mathematics. Hope you find information in these post useful.

What is Muscle Computing?

I think it is cool to make machines to do manual work. Computers should do muscle work, and muscles should do computing; That is why the name is Muscle Computing. People who like to learn about solving real physical problems using computers might find those pages useful.